CrossFit Coach, Personal Training

Leanne has been involved in fitness in some form for her entire life. Her sports vary widely from competing at a national level in acrobatics, running local marathons or simply spending the weekend in the surf. Leanne pursued her interest in sports and athletic performance at the tertiary level, completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science specialising in Exercise Physiology.


Her passion for health and athletic performance aligns perfectly with the CrossFit methodology and she was hooked after her very first workout in 2013. Since then she has fallen in love with Olympic weightlifting and remembered how much fun it is to spend time upside down walking on her hands. Helping athletes discover the enormous benefits of CrossFit is what keeps her coming back for more. She truly believes in CrossFit ability to change lives, whilst building a strong community environment.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Level 1 Club Weightlifting and Sports Power Coach

CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer Certified
Blue Card
Bachelor of Exercise Science
Level 2 First Aid and CPR